The medical field has come under more and more pressure to treat uninsured and under-insured people who have found themselves in unfortunate situations that were beyond their control. Aside from medical facilities such as hospitals, many private practices have begun changing some of their core policies in order to work with some of these patients. Doctor’s offices can sometimes partner with personal injury attorneys to treat clients who may or may not have insurance. These clients are often seen and treated without any compensation given to the doctor at the time of treatment. However, these doctors do not go unpaid…they will forego payment at the beginning of the treatment cycle but will be reimbursed once the personal injury attorney has secured a financial settlement from the party at fault. It is now becoming such a viable financial option that some offices have begun marketing and seeking patients from this specific client pool. If managed efficiently and correctly personal injury cases can be a great source of income for any practice. Working in this matter for some practices has become even more financially profitable than working with insurance. Other than cash payment customers, personal injury lien patients tend to be the closest a doctor’s full fee. Insurance patients usually see the doctor receiving a fraction of what they are entitled to so more doctors have become more accepting to working with personal injury lien cases.