A medical lien or personal injury lien is a financial agreement that can help ensure that health-care providers such as doctors, hospitals, and therapists receive compensation for any treatment and/or services rendered. Some of these facilities that are the first line of response in order to ensure everyone will receive medical treatment will sometimes have to treat uninsured and under-insured patients. Liens are a way of also assuring that persons at fault for the injury will end up being responsible for the bill which in turns puts less of a financial burden on the entire healthcare system. Usually an injury caused by a third party is the source of filing a medical lien. These injuries can range from accidental situations like auto accidents and slip and fall cases, all the way to intentional assault. Personal injury liens are a good way for those unfortunate enough to be injured to be treated without having to come out pocket for their own medical care. Doctors who work on a lien will forego payment until the patient’s insurance settlement has been received. Personal injury liens have now become an alternative source of revenue for medical practices and are becoming the majority source for others. There is an inherent risk involved with working on a lien that the case will not settle for years or not even settle at all but the potential financial gain in most situations is usually worth the risk.