Doctors and other health care providers will often accept a medical lien for a personal injury or worker’s compensation case. This means that the doctor on lien agrees to withhold compensation of the medical bill while continuing to treat the patient. Injury victims tend to hire a personal injury attorney to represent them in their case so that they can receive the maximum amount of compensation for their injury. In addition, the attorney is usually the one who handles all the medical lien paperwork and the back and forth between the insurance companies and the medical providers.

When entering a medical lien with a medical provider, the injured victim agrees to reimburse the doctor for all medical bills out of the settlement money. Usually the personal injury attorney is responsible for disbursing compensation to the medical providers and the injury client. It is important to note that the doctor’s bill is still owed whether or not the client is fully recovered. Many times, if the client loses the case, the attorney will not charge any fees. However, even if the client has no attorney fees, the medical bills are still due to the doctor on lien.