Work related injuries are a common thing in today’s work force of physically demanding jobs. There are more and more jobs today that put the worker’s life at risk everyday they step into the work environment. In order to treat these injuries many companies have purchased workers compensation insurance that will help them take care of their employees’ medical needs. However, the payments do not happen right away so doctors treating these patients will have to wait on being financially compensated for their services. Workers compensation liens are a way doctors can ensure that they will be reimbursed for their treatment. With the passing of new laws in some states the workers compensation process has become less tedious so now more medical practices have begun accepting these types of liens because of the assurance of faster reimbursement. Select practices that have mastered the handling of these cases have seen a greater percentage of their revenue come from workers compensation liens. Managing these types of liens requires a dedicated effort to file proper paperwork, becoming familiar and maintaining an open communication stream with employers, and finally tracking reimbursements. Many of these cases hit a wall because offices do not follow up and then they eventually get forgotten and slip through the cracks. So if handled correctly workers compensation clients should not be a burden to medical offices.